Hadar Jacobson: Art in Metal Clay

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How to ball up wire at both ends
Partial Weaving
This is the project for the earrings that show on page 114 in my book. When I finished the project it was too late to include it in the book, so here it is.
Bracelet Assembly
These are suggestions for how to assemble the 7-link-bracelet demonstrated on my DVD.
How to make your own extruder for less than $5


 Hope Weiner (Flexible Clay)

    Eight-strand braid 

Angela Baduel-Crispin (flexible clay)

 Kris Norton

        Seven-link Bracelet                                                Sea Life Bracelet by Hadar Jacobson

Jan Carpenter

        Seven-link Bracelet

 Amanda Lavorini        Chere Secrists

   Collage Pendant                                        Pill Box