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Now available:

Mixed Metal Jewelry from Metal Clay

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41 step-by-step projects for silver, copper, and and bronze clay, 128 pages, full color, soft cover, spiral bound, self-published.

For full description please read the Introduction.




Hadar's Clay™ Metal Clay Powder (Copper and Bronze) is now available in the form of powder.  The powder is already mixed with a binder and all you have to do is add water. The advantages over pre-mixed clay are that you won't have to worry about shelf life, and that you can easily bring the clay to the desired consistency. Since the clay contains no additives except for an organic binder, it is very forgiving, soft, pliable, and sticks well to itself. The clay mixes quickly, with no mess.  Please watch this video clip to see the preparation process. The clip was shot in one take with no editing, and takes less than 4 minutes. 

Note: I have recently improved Hadar's Clay™ by introducing a few changes to the formula. If you liked the consistency of the clay before, you will like it even better now. Moreover, the improved formula has longer shelf life, the clay is more receptive to oil, and the mixing time is shorter.

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Before using, please download and read the following instructions files thoroughly. 

The files are in Adobe PDF format. To open them, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download here.     

The instructions files are updated on a regular basis. Please come back from time to time to find out what's new.

Mixing instructions

Handling the Clay

Firing schedule, or how to talk to your kiln

A little bit of history

My previous Books

Silver and Bronze Clay: Movement and Mechanisms


39 step-by-step projects for silver and bronze clay, 128 pages, full color, soft cover, spiral bound, self-published.

For full description please read the introduction.

A section on Works in Silver, Bronze, and Copper Clay has been added to my website.



The Handbook of Metal Clay: Textures and Forms

128 pages, full color, soft cover, spiral bound, self published.

          Front cover                          Back cover

                             Click on the photos to enlarge

For full description see "How to Read this Book" in PDF samples

The book is only available on this website. The number of copies is limited. 
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How to ball up wire at both ends
Click here for instructions.

How to make your own clay extruder for less than $5
Click here for instructions.


Classes for people who live too far to attend a class on a regular basis

Choose the dates that work for you and join the regular classes for 3-6 days (see below). The regular classes are not limited to a specific level or topic. Students work on their own projects and progress at their own pace. The instruction is adjusted to your needs and interests.  

Please contact me to schedule a workshop. To avoid overcrowding classes I can only schedule 2-3 people in a given week.  

Come on Thursday morning and take morning and evening class on Thursday and Friday (4 classes). You are welcome to stay between classes for studio time. The cost: $200, not including materials.

The studio is located right off a main street, Solano Avenue, where you will find everything you need (grocery stores, post office, restaurants, fast food, drug stores, entertainment and shopping). You will hardly need to rent a car. A shuttle or BART will bring you from SF and Oakland airport. For BART schedule see http://www.bart.gov/index.asp; for bus schedule see www.actransit.org

Hotels are available at reasonable prices a bus ride away from the studio.

Separate fully equipped units in several houses a couple blocks away from the studio are available for short period rentals:  

Janet: (walking distance) 510-524-7272;

Wendy: (walking distance) 510-524-4277 (www.bbonline.com/ca/brickpath); 

Helen: (short bus ride) www.BrownShingle.com.



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