Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry by Hadar Jacobson
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Tool Kit

For classes that are held at my studio in Berkeley there is no need to bring tools to the first session. 

     A small rolling pin or any pipe made of acrylic, wood, or metal
     A placemat, a cutting board, or any other non-stick work surface
     A deck of cards
     A Ziploc bag
     A small container with olive oil, or Burt’s Balm
     A paint brush
     A small jar or cup for water
     A small glass or plastic jar with a lid (like a film box)
     A needle tool such as a ceramic needle or small metal skewer
     Nail scissors
     Clay shaper cone-shaped, firm (black), tapered #0
  X-acto knife 
     A scraper
     Plastic food wrap
     Scotch tape
     Round and flat needle files, or a full set
     A small ruler with inches and millimeters (about 6”, preferably metal)
     3M sponge sanding pads, different grits
     Two 3M wet/dry sandpapers, 9"x11", 220 grit and 400 grit 
     Two paint sticks


Also recommended:

     White Sculpey 
     A full set of differently shaped needle files
     A full set of mini-files
     Lace tool

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