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How to make your own syringe for PMC tube maker for less than $5

These are free instructions on how to make your own clay extruder at low cost. Any ideas for improvements are welcome! Once I test the contributed improvement it to see that it works I'll add it to this webpage and give credit to the contributor.

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This PMC tube maker is made mostly of plumbing fittings, available at a local hardware store, on the same lane. I got mine at Ace Hardware. All the parts are available online. If you want them all from one source, check www.amazon.com. It fits Textures Tube Maker, available on this website: http://store.artinsilver.com/tubeextruder.html, as well as most cake decorating tips.




Plastic grey threaded pipe, 3" x "


    " fitting threaded cap


" (standard) plastic coupler for cake decorating. Available at Michaels' and every cooking supply store.


Drip stopper. It comes with 3 tips. One of them will fit perfectly into the pipe. Screw it onto the bottom of the thread.


Make a hole at the top of the cap. You can use a drill bit or a diamond-plated but mounted on a rotary tool. The hole should be just big enough or the thread (without the tip).


Insert one or two rubber washers inside the cup (depending on its depth).



Using Epoxy glue onto the tip 4 rubber disks of the same diameter. This will prevent the clay from sticking to the tip and will push all the clay out of the pipe.


Insert the drip stopper in the pipe. Remove the handle and insert the top through the hole in the cup.


Screw the cup to the top of the pipe. Put the handle back. Screw the coupler to the bottom of the pipe. Now it's all assembled.

The handle may tend to fall out. To prevent it you can either hammer flat the ends, glue it to the hole, make polymer clay stoppers to glue on the ends, or replace it with a metal or wooden  rod or metal tube that fits more snuggly.


To make a PMC tube insert the tube maker in the coupler. Turn the handle counter clockwise to make room for the clay. Fill the pipe with PMC from the bottom of the pipe and screw the coupler back on.


Turning the handle clockwise will make a long seamless tube.

The advantages of this self-made clay press are first of all the low cost. Also, each part is easily and cheaply replaceable. anything that touches the clay is made out of plastic so there will be no unwanted chemical reaction with the clay. And last, since a coupler is used, all icing tips can be used as well, which opens up a whole range of decorating possibilities.

Please feel free to send me photos of pieces that you have done using the extruder, the tube maker and icing tips. I'll be happy to post them on this webpage!

Here is a wonderful tutorial by Holly Gage about how to make precious Metal Clay tube bezels using the tube adaptor.

This Small Pods Necklace by Holly Gage
shows bezels made with the tube adaptor.